Ocean Navigator—Rolex Yacht-Master II

Strictly speaking, Rolex, in addition to the Deep Sea, there are only Yacht-Master that is a professional sport chronograph, so some features are specially developed for certain purpose. Typically, watches, like Daytona, Submariner, are also suited for ordinary life. But, Deep Sea and Yacht-Master are definitely not that one because they are –purpose-oriented and if you use it in the daily life that may make you feel a little bit weird. 

Before that, we have some photos about some types in the last year, and today we will bring one that is less hot but equally well and its official number is: 116680.78210. Yacht-Master II mainly have editions that are made of precious metal or gold. In the last year, a stainless steel edition was launched to fill the gap.


When at the first glance of it, its hues and that deep blue gives us a clear and fresh feel. the orange hands is applied to indicate the time. Looking at its appearance, what it tries to highlight is its function and fashion as well. The bezel made of ceramics can rotates at 90 degrees. The unique patent is served only for sailing boat. 

Different from the Yacht-Master, Yacht-Master II has extended its diameter to 44 mm and that derives from the need for the new movement and 10 minutes chronograph, so this is a pretty big case among other Rolex watches. Thickness also gives us a shock because it is double the 5S, so you will see that this is the thickest watch except Deep Sea.

The case expresses its sport spirit. The side of the case has an arc design which can reduce the collision with hands. Buckle is still the flexible buckle and an extra safe clasps can be seen on the side for the sake of security. After you wear in in your hand, you would not feel heavy and Yacht-Master II can reflects your class and taste. What’s more, it is much easier to operate it, so you just need to operate it like other watches.

Yacht-Master II has two movements: one is 4160 and other one is 4161. Honestly, there are not much big difference between the two because they are the same. According to the only materials we can find, we found that there are only two minor difference between them. But both are classic, then a bunches of components are made of Rolex On UV-LiGA techniques. Such technology can improve the shapes and density of components , which cannot be realized through the original skills. Yacht-Master II belongs to the high-level watches and is designed especially for yachting. So far brands connecting with such activity are Rolex, Panerai, LV and TAG Heuer, etc.