Noble Quality—Breguet G537PT1E9V6

Breguet is an art of itself. Among so many brands, it never attempt to explain what it is, because born to have blue blood and continuing pursuing on quality make Breguet a unique brand.When choosing a watch, we will pay more attention to its appearance, just like picking a car. The first thing is that it must has an attractive appearance, then comes the engine. For a watch, the appearance come more important, and it is hard to make a watch that satisfy everybody’s taste, but the attitude and resolution to keep brands feature is also hard.

Breguet G537PT1E9V6 is exquisite and moon phase and perpetual calendar are the outstanding feature in this watch. Sure, having moon phase and perpetual calendar means this is high level watches. Materials made of 18 k gold makes it more luxurious. Silver-colored bracelet is the best choice for the watches itself, and the very thing that really make people happy about is the physical experience. It gives us a good physical experience. One the side of watch, a simple glance will make you realize that this is perpetual calendar watch, so two buttons on the perpetual calendar also becomes the symbol of luxury.

Buckle itself is even more sumptuous. The clasps are made of gold, particularly the solid attribute really impress us. Lug is little bit narrow than the thickness of the watch. As the support and dial, the design of lug is clever and practical. Arc-free design seems to be more harmonious. 

Now let’s come to the dial. What do we have on the dial? Moon phase, perpetual calendar, date display, month display, leap year display makes us crazy about it. The Roman time indexes appears to be graceful and classic. What is set on the Breguet G537PT1E9V6 is a FP71 movement, and Breguet has, upon the original one, more beautiful can careful carving, to make it appears to be delicate and vivid.

We could have strong strength to choose a loved watch, but the beauty of a watch is different in different eyes. We have tons of reasons to love a watch, such as its appearance, but masters in this field focus more on the quality itself and breguet is such a brand that has long history and always bring good physical experience to us.