Low-Key luxury—Piaget Dancer White Gold Ultra-Thin Watch

Simplicity is an high extract from techniques and skills. In designing a watch, what can embody the strength of a brand is the different ornamentation for different components, even the most exquisite materials, without proper attention or ornamentation, will lose its beauty, so the excellent skills will make the precious materials to set off its… Continue reading Low-Key luxury—Piaget Dancer White Gold Ultra-Thin Watch

New Watches from IWC in 2014

This year is the year of IWC Chronograph watches. In recent years, IWC hold many events as a way of promotion and made achievements, but compared to other brands, it has less classic watches, and all those classic watches are quite popular, for example, the Pilot ‘’ The Little Prince’’, after it arrived stores, were… Continue reading New Watches from IWC in 2014

Ocean Navigator—Rolex Yacht-Master II

Strictly speaking, Rolex, in addition to the Deep Sea, there are only Yacht-Master that is a professional sport chronograph, so some features are specially developed for certain purpose. Typically, watches, like Daytona, Submariner, are also suited for ordinary life. But, Deep Sea and Yacht-Master are definitely not that one because they are –purpose-oriented and if… Continue reading Ocean Navigator—Rolex Yacht-Master II